Head Start Centers

Inchelium Head start

Welcome to the Inchelium Head Start Program. The Inchelium Head Start program is nestled in the mountainous region of the Colville Indian Reservation in Washington State. Our Head Start program is surrounded by the natural beauty of our lakes, streams, pine and cedar trees, animals, and the Columbia River. We are an isolated community which relies on a ferry to transport us across the river. Inchelium is a relatively undeveloped community which maintains the natural beauty of the region and enhances the cultural education of our children. The Inchelium Head Start Program works hard to build relationships between staff, parents, and community partners. The Program itself is grounded in the value of tribal culture and language. Staff development has focused on the acquisition of our local tribal language and cultural teachings. Inchelium staff members have participated in an nselxcin language intensive funded through the Potlatch Fund. The Inchelium Head Start staff is known for their varied areas of expertise which has added great value to the overall Head Start program.
Hours: 9:00am-1:00pm

Keller Head Start

Welcome to the Keller Head Start Program. The Keller Head Start program is located in the beautiful San Poil valley on the Colville Indian Reservation. The Program, itself, is surrounded by large mountains which carry many cultural teachings passed on through our tribal history. Our community borders the San Poil River and several streams. Keller is a small and intimate tribal community with a rich history. The Keller Head Start staff is comprised of one site supervisor, one teacher, one classroom aide, and a cook that has worked in the program for over twenty years. Because of the intimacy of the community, Keller Head Start usually has great parental involvement. Parents feel a special attachment to the program and its children. The Keller Head Start moved into their new facility in March of 2005 and has enjoyed their new home since then. As many other Head Start programs, Keller had years of operating out of substandard facilities and has now found a permanent new home thanks to the Colville Tribal Business Council and the Head Start Bureau.
Hours: 9:00am-1:00pm

Nespelem Head Start

The Nespelem Head Start program is located on the main agency campus of the Colville Confederated Tribes in Nespelem, WA.  Chidren attending the Nespelem Head Start program are representative of a diverse cultural community.  Due to the Tribe's largest employment base being located in the Nespelem and Coulee Dam area, families bring a diversity of cultures and languages.  Languages represented in the Head Start program are nselxcin, nxa?amxcin, nimipu, and English.

The maximum enrollment at the Nespelem Head Start is 40.  We have two classrooms with a staff of eleven.  Our program is housed in a brand new facility which provides a quality learning environment for our children.

The Nespelem Head Start program is dedicated to the preservation and revitalization of our Tribal cultures and languages.  The core curriculum reflects the local Tribal cultures and languages of the Colville Reservation.

For more information please feel free to contact Veronica Redstar at (509) 634-2299 or Margaret Gunshows at (509) 634-2404
Hours: 9:00am-1:00pm

Omak Head Start

Welcome to the Omak Head Start program. The Omak Head Start program is located in an historic landmark known as St. Mary’s Mission; a Jesuit mission boarding school established in 1896 by Father Steven DeRouge. Fr. DeRouge's presence met stiff resistance until he saved an Indian child who had fallen into the swift waters of Omak Creek. Chief Smitkin then provided land to construct the mission. It began as a log cabin and gradually grew until two fires destroyed nearly everything early in the last century. Today the mission contains a mix of old and new buildings, including the new Paschal Sherman Indian School, now run by the Colville tribe, no longer by the Jesuits. The mission’s grounds are surrounded by rocky, dry hills covered with grass and sagebrush. The Omak Head Start program serves 30 children ages three to five. Our program is known reservation-wide for our parent and Foster Grandparent involvement. Omak’s parents are greatly committed to the program as evidenced by the large numbers who consistently show up for parent meetings, field trips, fund raisers, and dinners; not-to-mention, our dedicated Policy Council representatives. The Omak Head Start staff are part of the nselxcin language intensive funded by the Potlatch Fund, inspiring them to strive toward a modified immersion language program for the children. Teachers have demonstrated a great enthusiasm for the revitalization of our tribal languages and cultures.
Hours: 9:00am-1:00pm