Eligibility - Child Application

IT IS THAT TIME OF YEAR, for families to apply for the 2019-2020 Head Start School Year!!

The First Priority Deadline is April 18, 2019.


Head Start Application for the 2019-20 School Year

Download by clicking here ***

Download application and attach required documents - Email, Fax or deliver to your district Head Start Family Support Specialist.

**Download Head Start Application by clicking here***

Family Support Specialists:

Omak: Alana Seymour, Phone (509) 422-7774, Email: Alana.Seymour@colvilletribes.com

Nespelem: Annette Moses, Phone (509) 634-2279, Email: Annette.Moses@colvilletribes.com

Keller: Kathleen Finley, Phone (509) 634-7318, Email: Kathleen.Finley.HDS@colvilletribes.com

Inchelium: Tiffany Peone, Phone (509) 722-7025, Email: Tiffany.Peone@colvilletribes.com

CCT Head Start ERSEA Specialist: Carmelita Campos, Phone (509) 422-7707, Email: Carmelita.Campos.hds@colvilletribes.com


Summer Immersion School

FAMILIES, What a wonderful opportunity to participate this summer in CCT Language Lab school, located in our very own Nespelem Head Start building. All three languages will be taught. CCT Language teachers and CCT Head Start teacher are collaborating to bring you 6 weeks of Language Immersion. Bring your family and become a language carrier...

UPDATE: Summer Immersion School was a success please stay tuned for future experiences.