The overriding goal of this Tribal TANF Plan is to assist families to become self-sufficient. The following principals and strategies will guide the Colville Tribe toward achieving this goal.

  • EMPHASIZE WORK - Custodial and non-custodial parents of children needing assistance under the plan must work to the extent of their ability.
  • PROMOTE SELF-SUFFICIENCY - The Colville Tribe will encourage all participants to move toward personal and community self-sufficiency.
  • PROMOTE EDUCATION - The Colville Tribe encourages all participants to complete their high school education (or equivalent) and other post secondary education.
  • PROMOTE TWO PARENT HOUSEHOLDS - The Colville Tribe will provide training on Planned Parenthood to encourage planned pregnancies, and responsibilities among teen throughout all sectors of the community.
  • PROMOTE FAMILY STABILITY - The Colville Tribe will encourage family stability by requiring teen parents to remain in their parents’ or another responsible adult’s home.
  • PROMOTE RESPONSIBILITY - The Colville Tribe will encourage responsibility through policy and conditions of service by requiring full faith efforts and cooperation to ensure custodial and non-custodial parents provide support for their children.
  • PROMOTE INDEPENDENCE - The Colville Tribe will assist each family to develop a plan to reduce dependency on Tribal TANF assistance and to assure that each family contributes to the community for any assistance that is received.