Services Offered

  • Basic and remedial education for the individuals to enhance their employ-ability, by raising basic skills to a competitive, marketable level.
  • High School completion and/or GED
  • Full Time/Vocational Training, maximum of 24 months (expect RN training in which they have 36 months)
  • Running Start students may be eligible for assistance with purchasing their school books
  • Part-time schooling - 5 credits per quarter

Employment Services


  • Career Planning: Job Skills, Job Readiness Activities, Work Ethics and updates on marketable skills
  • On-The-Job Training (OJT): Within a work environment that is designed to enable individuals to learn a Bona Fide skill and/or specific occupation through demonstration and practice
  • Work Experience (WEX): Opportunity to develop occupational skills and good work habits with exposure to various vocational careers for those individuals who have little to not work experience
  • Direct placement and referrals for unemployed workforce who have the marketable skills but lack job skills
  • Hiring Hall System: Assistance in completion of an electronic copy of your job application, job searching assistance, resume building
  • Supportive Services: Designed to contribute to the successful employment of participants. All supportive services must be employment related

Basic Food Employment and Training (BFET)


BFET's goal is to provide basic food clients with training and education to attain a livable wage. BFET is a statewide program, so there are other providers thoughout Washington. BFET can assist in the following:

Job Search:

To actively assist participants with finding employment.

Job Training:

To make participants employment ready through: resume writing, interview skills, work etiquette, life skills and other soft skills necessary for employment.

Basic Education:

To raise participants overall employability. Assist with basic computer skills, math and literacy, as well as General Education Diplomas (GED), Basic Education for Adults (BEdA) and English as second language (ESL).

Vocational Education:

To help educate and instruct our participants to receive a certificate or degree in an occupational field. (not including baccalaureate/advanced degrees) Usually, participants are in community college in pursuit of a non-transferable degrees or vocational programs.

Job Retention:

To assist and support our employed participants.


Those who are:

  • Basic Food eligible (food-stamps)
  • at least 16
  • have the ability to work 20 hours a week
  • not receiving TANF
  • students enrolled in a non-transferable degree
  • participants volunteer for the program
  • Tribal members and descendants 

Child Care Services

Childcare Services will provide financial assistance to be eligible families according to program income guidelines and will be delivered through Tribal approved child care providers for parents either enrolled in classroom training or employment activities

Employment & Training has two Childcare Centers
Debbie Seymour | Nespelem (509) 634-2522 |
Jeanette Simpson | Inchelium (509) 722-7604 |