The goal of the program is to create a coordinated system of high quality care and education for young children that is accessible and unique to our own culture, traditions, and environment. This coordinated system of care will have as its focus the spiritual, mental, emotional, physical and cultural aspects of the whole family at home, work and in the community. The system is intended to help families achieve the best for their children and to provide a community of support for families. Our primary objective is to bring to children and adults, a learning experience that is a preparation for, and interaction with, life and its rich dimensions. We recognize that there are multiple ways of knowing, and the Eurocentric description of the universe is but one way to understand the life we live in. Just as we recognize multiple worldviews, so too, do we recognize that there are multiple ways to understand and engage with life, other than through our intellect. Our priority is to provide a safe and nurturing environment while developing a curriculum with coherence: believing that the world is a unified world; that pieces do fit together; and that there is a connectedness to nature.