Boys & Girls Clubs
on the Colville Reservation


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The Nespelem Boys & Girls Club will be located at the Nespelem Community Center. They will share the space with the community and the Boys & Girls Clubs will be housed in the computer lab, the activity room (near the kitchen) and the last office (formally the Youth Development Office) will be the B&G Clubs staff room. The weight room will remain in the same room, the cardio equipment will be located in the mat room (downstairs), the music room will remain open to the public, noon ball will still be available to the public but the gym will be closed off to the public and strictly for the Boys and Girls Club during operation hours (afterschool from 3 P.M. - 6 P.M. daily) and during the summer 10 A.M. - 6 P.M. Early release days will be adjusted and in correspondence with the school districts calendars.

This summer the Boys and Girls Clubs of Nespelem will be open and available to the youth starting Wednesday June 21, 2017. During this summer the B&G Clubs will be completing tasks, in preparation for the grand opening this fall.
Collaborations will be arranged for transportation to the youth in the communities of Nespelem, Coulee Dam and Keller for the Nespelem Boys & Girls Clubs. Registration forms are available in the Lucy F. Covington Government Center, Nespelem Community Center and online by website or on our Facebook page Boys & Girls Clubs of the Colville Reservation.